Mission Projects supported by St Paul’s-St Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Whanganui

Marine Reach Outreach to The poorer countries of the world. We support through donations of from our Sunday collection jar

World Vision -We sponsor a World Vision Child Ireen from Chigodi in Malawi

Special Christmas Appeal for C.W.S ( Christian World Services )

There is a Donation Box for Garth Stevenson’s Vanuatu Project

Garth Stevenson’s trips to Vanuatu

In 2005 Garth was privileged to go with a team to the island of Tanna in Vanuatu to rebuild a cyclone damaged Church. He saw the difficulties the subsistence farm villagers faced especially obtaining clean drinking water. As an engineer he had some answers and went back with stainless steel ram pumps made at a low cost and he installed them. Over the last 14 years the work has expanded to include setting the locals up to make concrete building blocks and teaching construction to build school classrooms and homes. In 2011 a Ladies’ hall was completed which sheltered the villagers when cyclone Pat destroyed the village in 2015.

In all those years Garth says we have seen God’s leading and are grateful to St Paul’s-St Mark’s Church and all the other contributors and businesses’ who have helped raise $150,000 for the projects. In 2017 a team of 8 built a new Church on the island in 7 ½ days.

New Project- Garth’s trip to Vanuatu in August 2018

In August the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, want to honour Garth for his work. and involvement through the 15 mission trips he has made to Vanuatu.

St Paul’s-St Mark’s Church and the Global Mission of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa, want to bless and honour Garth by supporting this trip to receive their acknowledgement

During this visit he will be measuring up for a new project which is to build a pastor’s house.